ODIS4.1.3 2017 VW, Audi, Skoda

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ODIS4.1.3 2017 VW, Audi, Skoda

ODIS4.1.3 2017 VW, Audi, Skoda


To work with ODIS you need VAS5054, VAS 6150 or PassThru compatible adapter

Win7x32 Eng Enterprise + all upgrades until July 2017
ODIS Service 4.1.3 (licenses VW, Skoda, Audi)
ODIS Engineering 6.6.1
Languages ​​Russian, English, German

ODIS V4.1.3/4.0.0/3.0.3 Computer Windows System Requirements

Windows System Language: American English
Windows XP(xp2/xp3) and Window 7
System C:// have to be NTFS format
C:// need to have at least 10GB space for installing VAS 5054A

The VAS 5054 oki is a universal diagnostic interface for the vehicles of the Volkswagen Group and all OBD vehicle systems from other manufacturers

The integrated Bluetooth interface connects the vehicle with a notebook, desktop PC or test system

No cables are needed for vehicle diagnostics using the VAS 5054 PLUS

The range of the wireless Bluetooth connection is 2 to 5 meters,depending on the environment and the type of Bluetooth adapter used on the PC side